Gender Selection Issues

Gender Selection Controversy because of In Vitro Applications

The issue of gender selection continues as a controversial subject mostly because of in-vitro applications. The controversy is based on the assumption that nature's (or God's) will is being interfered with and that given too much license we will start producing babies with particulat traits or type according to another human's decision. Worse we will be allowed to terminate a foetus that does not comply with norms set by ourselves rather than a higher source or nature.


One of the most controversed in vitro method is Preimplantation diagnosis and selection (PDG), which can be considered a eugenic technology. It involves the fertilisation of some eggs on the laboratory bench and then after examination re introducing only the desired foetus (for instance free of genetic desease or because it is a particular sex Chromozone) and wasting the others . Many disability rights organizations, in particular, have been critical of its uncontrolled use, and point out that the definition of "disease" is to some extent subjective. Most disability rights advocates who criticize PGD and prenatal screening nonetheless support abortion rights. They believe that a woman should be allowed to decide whether or not to have a child at a given time, but not to base this decision on the traits of the particular embryo.

Natural Gender Selection has no Medical Interference

The arguments will continue and most countries are against PDG, but the enormous difference with the natural gender selection method of BabyByGender is that whilst also based on latest scientific knowlegde, it simply enables Mothers to attempt conception only on the days that nature has already decided are days which are favorable for the conception of a boy or girl. So there is no termination of a foetus or interference with a foetus or with Mother nature, or the selection of fertilised eggs according to a another human's choice.

Every Parent has the Choice of the Conception Times

If a mother decides that her family cannot support another baby, at least not at the moment, she can decide not to have sex during her charted ovulation window, (days that are favorable for the conception of a baby). She has influenced nature for the good of her family but she has not gone against nature or her religion. If when she tries again for pregnancy but only on the ovulation window that is for a little girl which she and her family would like rather than another boy, then she only going with nature's way. The wish to have sex at any given time of day or month by a man and a women is surely their decision and nature has after all organised it that way!

Religious Influence

Many religions allow contraception by using the non ovulation days but yet they have denied the use of condoms to their followers. That decision is a courageous one, as millions have died every year through Aids which could have been simply avoided with the use of condoms.


We now have the information on natural gender choice (God given ) and we can use it . The cost of clinical intervention and selection is between $1000 to $20 000 depending on the frequency of attempts and the success results are still uncertain.

The ongoing controversy and experiments will continue but they are not concerned with a women's right to attempt conception on a particular day!