Please Give Me A Baby Girl

Yes you can now have a baby girl!

There are days that your egg will only accept a girl sperm cell. More important our laboratory have completed their research in 1997 which enables them to show you these days on a personal calendar.

How is that done? Your personal information is linked to the parameters of the laboratory research and the days when your egg will only accept a baby girl sperm are shown in pink on your calendar. You then need to try conceive witihin the period between 6 AM on the first day and midnight on the last day. On other days you need to abstain or use barrier contraception.

The calendar will also show you your probable ovulation window. Normally, your girl days will coincide sometime within a few months. You can always alter it easily to better coincide with your special girl days.

Since 1997 nearly all of our thousands of Mothers have succeeded in having the baby of their choice (the actual tests show a nearly 90% success rate) and the great majority of these mothers have previously tended to only have boys, until they decided to avoid their boy days and only try on girl days.

Once you order your calendar you will know when your egg will accept only a girl sperm, and you can use this knowledge to ensure that you only attempt conception on girl days. It's all to do with biology and any other theories or old wives tales, except perhaps following an acid diet (for a short time as it is not very good for you) are irrelevant.

All you have to do is complete the questionnaire and then you can order your gender selection information at any time, from your free ovulation calendar. The choice is now yours, provided you go along with the disciplines of the gender selection calendar which you will surely do, if you really want that baby girl.