Health & Pregnancy

Importance of Healthy Parents

Getting pregnant is easy for many women but with others it takes longer. Both father and mother need to be healthy to create a new cell. The stronger the charge created by the two opposite phs when the opposite ph of the sperm and egg meet, the more likely the success. Even more important, the healthier the parents, the healthier the foetus so that the baby is given every chance.

Eating healthly is vital

You can harm the baby and fertility is impaired by smoking, drugs (legal or illegal), caffeine and anything over a glass of wine a day for the mother. Junk, tined or frozen foods should be avoided as much as possible. This in itself will reduce any overweight but it may be necessary to try harder with your weight and eat only when you are hungry and not because it's time for breakfast or dinner! Feeling slimmer is sometimes good for sex and you will need to enjoy compulsory sex at very specific times every month, so being desirable helps! You should reduce or cut out artificial sweeteners, colorants and shelf food with many Es.

Helping Fertility

Fertility is helped with regular exercise like walking fast for over an hour each day and perhaps doing some other exercises for 15 mins each morning. Vitamin b and c for both partners ensure better health and greatly reduces stress--arguments with your partner should be minimised! Eat Folate rich foods or take a daily 0.4 mg of folic acids. Avoid ordinary white bread and stay with (not too much) whole grain bread and cereals. Consult your doctor about taking clomid and your general health and weight. Sexual positions are not important for conception but many mothers have worked back to the conception day by remembering an occasion with a very strong orgasm.

Improving the pH for Gender Selection

To help you with the girl calendar you should avoid salty foods like ham and bacon and stay with dairy products. With the boy chart you need to have salty foods but no milk products! The father has to be healthy but does not need to join in on the diets unless it helps you to avoid the wrong foods by not having any of them in you kitchen!