Other Methods

There are some web sites where you cannot speak to anyone. Others do not have a company or a person behind the web site and the payment goes to web site paying agency which has not issued any of the information or promises. Most web sites do not have any evidence of biological research and quote the moon cycle or biorythms and therefore join the "old wive's tales" category!

Some methods rightly refer to the importance of the acidic or alkiline ph environement. But then they limit this importance to the vagina and not the actual egg. The latter does reject the the sperm if both are the same ph or accepts the sperm if there is a power charge created by the opposite polarities, but the vagina environement is not relevant!

Well known methods of baby gender selection

Microsort - Ericsson - Embryo selection : Sperm sort is still difficult and expensive. read more details

Timing method - Shettles method: No measured success rate and an unlikely theory. read more details

Dieting: Farmers used it with a reasonable success rate.

BabyByGender based on Selnas - other pH methods: Follows nature's way with a measured success rate. read more details

Other theories:

Chinese calendar is not used by Chinese people; sexual positions does not help biological process. Jonas method's theory is not logical. FortuneBaby
Other baby gender selection theories
Since civilisation began, there has been many theories mostly non biological, such as specific sexual positions. People who use methods explained or provided only from books on gender selection do not register so no one can work out any success rates among their readers.
There are also hundreds of internet services that include e-books or infomercials covering a mix of all the ideas on gender selection on the premise that if you are able to follow them all you should have 100% success! In 1998 there was only Shettles, Ericsson and Selnas, nothing new has come up except hundreds of web sites giving general information, adding an ovulation calendar that can be used for the timing/Shettles method, fertility kits and associated services.
There does not seem to be any research or other reasons given of a biological nature and it is impossible to contact the website managers by telephone. The only explanation by Fortune baby about their method is: "How does your formula work? The calculations of this formula are based on the chemical properties of each of the male and female to best determine the sex of the baby due to the body chemistry throughout the year. This formula has been tested for years and has been proven to give accurate results. ".
Their main claim to dependability is their high listing as a result of advertising in Yahoo and other search engines, which has no relevance to the existance of a genuine method or any biological research There has been many copy gender selection websites, but they offer no more scientific or biological explanation than the Chinese calendar which even the Chinese do not use. We welcome any genuine natural method to help Parents but Fortune baby is not plausible in any way.
Chinese conception calendar
similar charts can be checked with past babies of your friends - our checks have proved negative. Chinese companies are now offering reliable Western biologically based services. If only the Chinese calendar worked, there would not have been so many girl abortions in China.
Doctor Jonas Method
In 1998 a couple of months after we produced our web site, Dr Jonas, who was involved in fertility predictions from Australia, suddenly added a gender selection service with the same test results as ourselves quoting "thousands" of past successes! Offering a valid service is good for everyone but for the first year Dr Jonas could not even explain the basis of his method either on the web site or by e mail and telephone enquiries.
Lately his successors have explained their method or scientific base as : "Dr. Jonas has discovered that under certain circumstances the bio-chemical environment of the endometrium is subject to certain periodic variations and that these in turn lead to sedimentation of the sperm. You can look up the word endometrium::"it is the blood-rich mucus membrane lining the uterus (which is usually shed during your period). The embryo implants into this lining, and takes early nourishment from it". The endometrium is therefore only a home to the already fertised egg.! So even if the bio chemical variations were able to be predetermined they would only apply after the fertilisation of the Embryo. Ie after the gender selection process has been completed by nature. The word "sedimentation" of a living sperm is used in the wrong context.

I will be happy to discuss my personal views on gender selection with you apart, of course, from repeating the above information. Just contact us.
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