Other Methods

There are some web sites where you cannot speak to anyone. Others do not have a company or a person behind the web site and the payment goes to web site paying agency which has not issued any of the information or promises. Most web sites do not have any evidence of biological research and quote the moon cycle or biorythms and therefore join the "old wive's tales" category!

Some methods rightly refer to the importance of the acidic or alkiline ph environement. But then they limit this importance to the vagina and not the actual egg. The latter does reject the the sperm if both are the same ph or accepts the sperm if there is a power charge created by the opposite polarities, but the vagina environement is not relevant!

Well known methods of baby gender selection

Microsort - Ericsson - Embryo selection :

Sperm sort is still difficult and expensive.
Microsort, Embryo Selection and Dr Ericsson, are 3 ways offered with sperm separated on the laboratory table, according to the X (girl) or Y (boy) DNA and then fertilising the egg with the assumed boy or girl sperm. Some problem still lies with the efficacity of reliable separation of the X or Y chromosome sperm as the difference in weight or size is negligible, (there are 22 other chromosomes). It is still illegal in some countries. Most mothers need several attempts before they become fertile; the cost is usually around $1000 per attempted insemination.
Apparently the artificial method of sperm separation is safe but there has not been enough cases or time to be sure. The "Embryo selection" should allow for total success but there has been little use of it since 1998. The Ericsson method boasts of 70% success rate for boys only.

Timing method - Shettles method: No measured success rate and an unlikely theory. read more details

Dieting: Farmers used it with a reasonable success rate.

BabyByGender based on Selnas - other pH methods: Follows nature's way with a measured success rate. read more details

Other theories: Chinese calendar is not used by Chinese people; sexual positions does not help biological process. Jonas method's theory is not logical. FortuneBaby read more details

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