Planning Your Family

Statistics show that if you already have only 2 boys or 2 girls, it is likely that your next baby will continue to be of the same gender; very often however the arrival of a different gender would bring perfect joy to all your family. A family of all boys or all girls is not the same as a balanced mixed gender family. Mother needs a girl friend and a boy to adore, and Father and daughter always have the stongest link, even though a family is not complete without a son and heir! Children from mixed families do have an advantage!

The need for a girl or boy can be so great that parents conceive too many children in their attempts to have the desired gender and the budget and love available for this larger than wished for family can be inadequate. You are therefore completely right to consider balancing your family.

It's important to know that the BabyByGender method is natural. There is no medical intereference You are given the days that your natural ph cycle favors the acceptance by your egg of a boy or girl sperm and you use that information to attempt conception only on those days. Like loving your family, planning your family is completely natural. There is great happiness here.

You will need to ensure that you only attempt conception on the favorable days for your chosen gender, as shown on your personal gender selection calendar and also follow a simple diet (details provided) to re- enforce the applicable ph of your egg membrane.