Please Give Me A Baby Girl

How is that done? Your personal information is linked to the parameters of the laboratory research and the days when your egg will only accept a baby girl sperm.

Please Give Me A Baby Boy

There are days that your egg will only accept a boy sperm cell. More important, laboratory have completed their research in 1997 which enables them to show you these days on a personal calendar.

Using Neutral Days

you can try to conceive also on the neutral days, avoiding the specific opposite gender days.

Planning Your Family

A family of all boys or all girls is not the same as a balanced mixed gender family. Mother needs a girl friend and a boy to adore, and Father and daughter always have the stongest link, even though a family is not complete without a son and heir! Children from mixed families do have an advantage!

Health And Pregnancy

You can harm the baby and fertility is impaired by smoking, drugs (legal or illegal), caffeine and anything over a glass of wine a day for the mother.

Ovulation Signs

As your cycle progresses, your cervical mucus increases in volume and texture. The greater volume and changes in texture reflect your body's rising levels of estrogen.

Track Record

we have received the actual results as mothers who fail apply for a refund or an extension calendar.

Gender Selection Issues

The issue of gender selection continues as a controversial subject mostly because of in-vitro applications. The controversy is based on the assumption that nature's (or God's) will is being interfered with and that given too much license we will start producing babies with particulat traits or type according to another human's decision. Worse we will be allowed to terminate a foetus that does not comply with norms set by ourselves rather than a higher source or nature.

Other Gender Selection Methods

Microsort - Ericsson - Embryo selection - Timing method - Shettles method - Dieting - BabyByGender based on Selnas - other pH methods - Chinese calendar - FortuneBaby.

Conception Glossary

Menstrual Cycle - Ovulation - Luteal Phase - pH of an Egg - Cervical Fluids - Altering Menstrual Cycle- Gender Selection.

Facts Of Conception

We give you some tips and go over information which will serve a very useful background to any questions or discussions you may have. Most women have a little knowledge but it is very important to really know more about the process of getting pregnant as nature does it.