Money Back Guarantee

The BabyByGender method is a scientific method but it is also based on nature' s way. This means that there are always small variations or inconstancies. BabyByGender guarantees a full refund of the price paid if the gender shown on a birth certificate is different to the one chosen for pregnancies achieved during the period of the use of its 12 month gender selection calendar or 6 month gender selection calendar.

Over 7000 mothers with BabyByGender alone have used the calendars since 1997 and accounting calculations show that the method is working with an average of 87% success rate. The guarantee is featured in the conditions of purchase please view below.

General Conditions for the purchase of a gender selection conception calendar provided by BabyByGender

  1. An ovulation calendar provides results based on the Mother's given information. The results should not be relied on for any purpose, such as contraception and forms the background of each Mother's fertility cycle. The provision of the gender selection conception Calendar is subject to the acceptance of the purchase order by BabyByGender (as licensed distributors and managers) on the understanding that the purchaser has read the official information described on this website or on the brochure "Harnessing Nature's Way", accepts these conditions and has paid to BabyByGender the cost of the calendar.
  2. Once the gender selection calendar is ordered a personal analysis is immediately prepared and made available to the member and thereafter no refund is possible except as described in clause 3 below. It is understood that it is the responsibility of the Calendar purchaser to verify as correct the personal identification shown on the Calendar (Date of Birth, Blood type) at the time it is received. The provision of the calendar is confidential and BabyByGender will not knowingly reveal the associated information and details to any other party. Envelopes of mail sent will not show company identification or logo.
  3. BabyByGender guarantees a full refund of the price paid to BabyByGender exclusively for the 12 month gender selection calendar and the 6 month gender selection calendar, within 10 weeks after receipt of a birth certificate showing the opposite gender to the one requested; provided the application is received within 30 days of the birth and conception occured during the period of the purchased calendar. A request for refund and a copy of the official birth certificate can be sent by post or email to addresses available on this website.
  4. The gender selection conception calendar is not to be used for the avoidance of genetic illnesses or diseases and BabyByGender accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequence in this respect and for conceptions resulting in miscarriages, premature birth, and any abnormalities or events whatsoever.
  5. No guarantee of pregnancy is indicated or suggested or any other guarantees save as described in clause 3. BabyByGender will provide further 12 month gender selection calendars for an existing client at half the current price. Parents agree to use contraception from the time that the calendar is ordered, apart from favourable days for the gender desired as shown on the gender selection conception Calendar.
  6. BabyByGender is a licensed distributor of the gender selection conception method. It does not act as principals on all aspects of gender selection conception invention and performance. All calendars are issued from Alberta, Canada and are not subject to any regulations or laws applicable in the country of the purchaser or any other.