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The BabyByGender method is now being distributed all over the world.
These are some of the questions that have been asked over the last years by parents. The answers are from different members of BabyByGender team in their own personal words.
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  1. If I try to conceive on an ovulation day, does that mean I get a boy?
    No, you can have a boy or girl with equal chances - The determining factor for the days that provide a girl or boy, is whether your ovule's pH is the opposite to the sperm whch provides the energy to create when cell and penetrate the egg membrane.

  2. I have been told that once you have 2 children of one kind you are likely to continue having the same gender?
    If you already have 2 children of one gender, you are statistically likely to continue with the same gender and you represent the very large majority of Mothers we have helped. The chances are that as in the last 2 previous conceptions your ovulation comes at a time when your polarity is for the same gender. The conception calendar will establish a discipline that avoids that ovulation and asks you to conceive on another one which is only for your chosen gender. Only 0.1% of men have inherited a total deficiency of one chromozone so it is unlikely to be the case with your husband.

  3. I understand that the lifetime of sperm is sometimes over 2 days. How does this affect the end of the polarity period on the calendar?
    The cut-off time at the end of a favourable period allows for a sperm fertility life of 60 hours which is sufficient.

  4. What about the other methods, can I combine them?
    The majority of the other methods are old wives tales based on sex positions or the chinese calendar and they do not correspond to the way that cells develop or are created in the body (the way nature chooses). Since they are read about the users are not registered so results are not known.
    The Shettles Method
    Dr. Landrum Shettles and David Rorvik, who wrote How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, claim that because Y-chromosomes (for boys) move faster but don't last as long as X-chromosomes (for girls), it makes sense to have sex as close as possible to ovulation if a boy is what you want. If you try to conceive two to four days before you ovulate, you'll most likely have a girl. According to Dr. Ravnikar, the Shettles method, and others similar to it, could be sound in suggesting that couples try for a boy baby closer to ovulation since Y-chromosome-bearing sperm is lighter but more fragile than those that carry X-chromosomes. If you want a girl you should not have sex during ovulation but a few days before as the x can live longer that the y chromosome sperm. However Sperm does not normally stay or live on and remain fertile - so the method looses credibility as there as many women as men around! The method has been available for 25 years with no known success statistics.
    The Whelan Method
    In her book Boy or Girl?, Elizabeth Whelan, Sc.D., disputes the Shettles method and suggests the opposite.
    Have there been any recent developments in the in-vitro field? IVF & sperm sort are very expensive and usually they need 2 or three trials
    A new study published in the September 1998 issue of Human Reproduction suggests that technology once used for farm animals may benefit parents who want girls. Researchers at the Genetics & IVF Institute in Fairfax, VA, say they can help parents choose the sex of their baby through flow cytometry, a procedure in which DNA is stained with a flourescent dye and sorted. The technology capitalizes on the fact that Y-chromosome sperm (which produce boys) has 2.8 percent less genetic material than X-chromosome sperm (which produce girls). Researchers can use a DNA detector to divvy up sperm, which is then artificially inseminated into the woman.
    So far, they've had better luck sorting samples likely to produce girls — 85 percent of the cells in these samples had an X chromosome. Sixty-five percent of cells sorted for boys had a Y chromosome. Of the 14 pregnancies among couples who wanted girls, 13 produced females. Some experts say the findings are promising. "But it is illegal in most countries, extremely expensive, the tests are over too small a number and no one knows what damage is done to the sperm during the artificial sort process.
    BabyByGender method relies on the receptors on the ovule accepting or rejecting the different sperm depending on the polarity of their energy according and the mother's bio-clock. That is how nature alternates the acceptance of a boy or girln sperm, and after 10 years of study of 000s of case histories it was possible to predict the bio clock over the next 12 months. In fact an extreme diet can also infuence the energy polarity of the female egg membrane which has been used with cattle herds. if a woman is given a high calcium, high magnesium, low sodium, low potassium diet for a period of 6 to 8 weeks prior to conception, her receptor sites on the ova shall attract only X sperms and repel the Y sperms, resulting in a conception of female child. To reverse the matter, if a woman is given a high sodium, high potassium, low calcium, low magnesium diet for 6 to 8 weeks prior to conception she will attract only the Y sperms and repel the X sperms, resulting into conceiving a male child.

  5. What happens if I travel to another timezone?
    Your calendar is prepared according to the timezone of your residence. So you must adjust any changes.

  6. Is the product not too expensive?
    The biologist worked for 14 years discovering and perfecting the method so as to make his very great contribution to mankind - and laboratory work is expensive. Now costs are involved in the marketing and production of individual calendars. It is a low cost for such an important service. Remember if you are one of the very few who do not succeed you do not pay anything as you receive a refund. That is part of the purchase conditions.

  7. Is BabyByGender method known by the medical profession?
    Many senior gynaecologists, lead by Dr. Frederick Nadal (Head of Clinique Beauregard, Marseille) have been recommending it in France for some time. Rather like the rythm method of contraception the BabyByGender Method is in harmony with nature it has no medication, treatment or side effects and is thus entirely outside the medical field.

  8. Why have more people not heard about it?
    Yes thousands have heard about it throughout the world but like alternative medecines there are no big corporation budgets available for media penetration so it takes time.

  9. What is the success rate so far?
    Whilst the official test results showned a success rate of 97%. BabyByGender, measures the results, according to an accounting calculation of the refunds provided against the total purchasers of the calendar. The success rate has been constant at just over 87%. Most other methods do not have a register of users with results. So their success rates cannot be measured. Nature decides according to the acceptance by the egg of the X or Y sperm and the only natural way to obtain the desired gender is to attempt conception when the polarity of the egg is correct. This can also be done by an extreme application of a Calcium-Magnesium diet or Potassium-Sodium diet. This could be harmful at an important time for the mother and baby. However recommends a light and therefore harmless application of the diet together with the calendar.

  10. I can't understand how the biologist can predict the dates with so little information considering my irregular menstruation cycle?
    The laboratories require information which identifies a polarity charge cycle and is not dependent on your menstruation cycle. In developing the method the scientist made studies on thousands of conceptions which revealed a predictability pattern according to your personal data. Each of these provides many parameters which eventually narrows down the conception days for your chosen gender. The data on the studies remain confidential to the scientists since the cost of the research have to be recovered by commercialisation.
    They made scientific studies over 14 years to achieve the method. Scientific research includes studies of historical statistics and data based on known (cell) behaviours. In the same way meteorological offices predict the climatic changes for the next few years because experts have made the study over the last 100 or more years and inserted those historical parameters with the help of a software program.

  11. My doctor is very well known and does understand your method and says that it is the father that chooses the gender?
    We have been helping mothers since 1997. A Doctor is not a biologist- it is unlikely that he has ever seen a human egg under the microscope, probably not, as it is not his expertise to be a biologist. Also, Doctors can disagree with other Doctors on most aliments and when they use drugs and remedies they are often not conversant with the make up of the drug or its side effects or that natural healing can cure just as well on certain ailments. So the DNA of the sperm is either Y or X but in order to create the fusion energy for a new cell you need the opposite pH of the egg (it also helps to penetrate the egg membrane). The egg alternates its pH so accordingly it decides to fuse with a Y or X sperm according to whether its pH is acidic or alkaline. By going backwards the biologists worked out a formula based on various parameters to find out when the egg is accepting a Y or X sperm and that is your BabyByGender Calendar.

  12. Since my gender preference is not 100% guaranteed, should I go ahead or not?
    You know there is a small chance of failure. Even the contraceptive pill is not guaranteed and has a failure rate, yet most use it and rely on it. When you choose to go ahead you will be one of many thousands of mothers all over the world making the same decision. You have almost 90% chance of success (according to our records in the market place) if you follow the calendar disciplines, but any baby boy or baby- girl will always arrive as a perfect gift and joy. Statistics definitely show that once you have 2 babies of the same gender your chance are high that your next baby will be of the same gender. This is because your ovulation cycle is favorably based on a polarity for the same gender.

  13. I am still breast-feeding, can I apply for a calendar.
    You can as soon as your periods have returned and have re-started their cycle.

  14. If my menstruation cycle changes after I receive my calendar or I have a miscarriage, do I need a new calendar?
    No, a change in a menstrual cycle or a miscarriage will not affect the polarity for a boy or a girl as defined on your calendar.

  15. What if my favorable days for a boy or girl fall during my period?
    You can just as easily become pregnant during your menstruation time and provided your religion allows you, it could be a very fertile time especially if your cycle were very short -less than 24 days. Besides, if you had spottings between periods, you could easily mistaking it for a period when you are actually possiby ovulating.

  16. I am not sure about my ovulation days, do I need to know?
    No, very few women can work out or predict their ovulation dates and actual pregnancies sometimes occur outside ovulation days and few times we have had pregnancies during menstruation days. However the favourable days have a strong pH factor of the egg and sperm and pregnancies and ovulation are more likely to happen at that time. Whatever day you ovulate, the importance is to try to conceive on the days that are right for the favourable days and -when possible- at ovulation times.

  17. Will my husband's low sperm count effect my chances?
    Not usualy -it only takes one sperm and quantity is not an issue as long as there are sperms with either the chosen X or Y chromozome, which is nearly always the case.

  18. I am confused at the choice of gender selection methods available?
    Since we made the method available on the Internet in 1998, a great number of sites appeared copying our words with no research or basis. They are not based on the way nature provides new cells but on other improbable factors if any and without research. You will find comments like "doctor X was able to work out from conception dates of 1000 women the sex of the child immediately". It does not happen that way. Our laboratory work took 6 years of tests and the calculations according to individual analyses' are possible only through a very complicated software inter-linking the parameters of each mother.

  19. Can I change my menstrual cycle to coincide with the polarity cycle?
    The most likely time to conceive is 1 to 2 days before ovulation rather than on the day of ovulation. There is little information to be sure that it can happen the day after but it is likely. There are some ways of knowing when you ovulate but the predetermination of the ovulation day is very difficult - however let us say for example that you are happy to think (as has been the thinking in the past) that you ovulate 15 days counting back from your expected first day of bleed, then in that event you can change your menstrual cycle by taking a course of 21 low dosage pills 15 + 21 + 3 (to bleed) days before your estimation of the day before ovulation ie in this case 39 days before your first favorable day of the favorable period shown on your calendar. Avoid re-scheduling if it's only one favorable day. However after some years talking to our mothers, it is clear that the ovulation day moves around a lot and that sometimes it happens shortly after bleeding and sometimes twice in one calendar month but as expected, it often happens during a strong polarity period as defined (favorable) by the conception calendar.
    90% of our mothers conceive in the first 6 months and it is of course on a favorable day, irrespective of their menstrual cycle. mothers who have 2 or 3 babies of the same gender often find that the favorable days mostly fall during their menstruation time, that probably means that without the calendar they would have had the same gender again-as they may not have tried to conceive then. So conception will now occur at or near their menstruation since the calendar dates are being followed but this time for the other gender. If after a few months there is no pregnancy it may be more comfortable to change the menstruation cycle. It is easy to change but the polarity of the pH is unchangeable. The cycle usually reverts back to its original cycle dates after a few months.

  20. Can I combine this with the Shettles method?
    I have not studied the Shettles method fully but here is my answer from my personal observations working here. We have many people who come to us after they have tried it- as I said it is not the way that nature selects the gender, the weight of the different DNA of the X and Y sperm is minimal and not enough to have one or the other win the race or to stay behind and wait for the next ovulation, Only the opposite polarities created by the different pHs on meeting give the energy for the penetration of the membrane of the egg and the fusion to create a new cell, that is how the body (all mamals) works biologically and there can be no other reliance be it sexual positions or chinese calendars winner of the race of 700,000 sperms over a tiny distance but if it makes you feel happier and you are one of the few mothers who can accurately predict the dates of the next ovulation then by all means combine both methods plus of course our recommended diet which increases the right pH or polarity. You can read a little more about it in the book "Getting pregnant" by Collette Boucher.

  21. How can you explain twins of different sex being born?
    The days when the pH of the mother is not definable or strong, are called neutral days when you can conceive either sex; if the conception happens during a favorable day for no specific gender according to your conception calendar, then both eggs will only accept either a boy or girl sperm as planned. So you can have twins of different sexes when the calendar is showing days when the polarity is not definable or weak when you should not attempt conception.

  22. I am worried how others will react when they hear that I am deciding to influence the gender of my next child?
    We always ensure that we only talk or write to you personally without a prior explanation of the service we offer. You are balancing your family not only for your own greater happiness but also for them. Those who unlike you do not share the same imbalances are not qualified to judge as they are not in the same situation - if they were they would probably share your views.Once a mother has 2 boys, the chances are high that the next child will also be a boy as she is continuing to conceive in the same monthly ovulation cycle whereas with the calendar the ovulation time for the other gender are avoided.
    People who might accuse us of playing God are doing the same by telling what you should and should not do - ignore them- It is not a case of engineering but like those who use the rhythm method of contraception, it is working with nature's way. You yourself are part of Nature and therefore your desire is also part of Nature.
    Even the contraceptive pill received strong criticism in the first 3 years for interfering with the size and timing of the family and yet today it is seen as part of every parent's normal entitlement to decide when to have a child and the size of family that they can manage. Now that parents can choose the gender their next child this reduces the need to have a larger family than desired by not continuing to keep trying for a boy or a girl.

  23. When is the right time to try conception for a baby boy, some people say on ovulation day, some say 12-24h before ovulation?
    It is just a question of having alinement between ovulation and a day when the pH of the sperm is acidic and the pH of the egg membrane is alkaline and the BabyByGender calendar gives you these dates - nature does not choose according to any sperm lying around from 2 days previous to the ovulation. After ovulation there is no hope of a conception at all! If you are trying for a boy you must provide an alkaline pH as opposed to acidic.