How Selnas Method Works

Baby Gender Selection : the way Nature does it

The energy required for a sperm to enter the egg membrane and create a new cell (your baby!), is provided by the fusion of the sperm and the egg when their ph or polarities are at opposites. Whilst the ph of the x (girl) or y (boy) chromozome sperm have opposite polarities which remain constant, the egg membrane receptors alternate their ph so that at times they will accept a girl sperm and at other times a boy sperm. The opposite polarities create energy or electricity. As an example of the importance of energy in reproduction, Scientists tried for many years to clone Dolly the Sheep with its own DNA and nothing worked until they introduced an electrical charge to simulate the natural way.

Gender Selection with your conception calendar

So as to predict the polarity of the egg at any time, the scientists analysed thousands of animal and human pregnancies This enabled them to define parameters which, based on individual information, have a direct influence on the future timing of each polarity of the egg. The results are shown on a 12 month conception calendar (see example for a boy/girl) indicating the favourable days for conception of a baby boy or baby girl. There are around 70 to 80 days per year which are clearly favorable for the conception of each gender, the other days being days when the ph of the egg is not sufficiently definable. Conception can occur on any day of the month, irrespective of the menstruation cycle.

How to have a baby boy or girl, plan your family

You will need to ensure that you only attempt conception on the favorable days for your chosen gender, as shown on your personal conception calendar and also follow a simple diet (details provided) to re-enforce the applicable ph of your egg membrane.

Join the program and then choose your start time

Once you decide the first month when you would like to start attempting conception, you need to complete your information. Your ovulation calendar is immediately online under the member's section and if there is an alteration in your cycle you can update it yourself. Your gender selection calendar is personally available to you online by entering your own ID (email address) and password.

Diet helps with baby gender selection

Included with your conception calendar is a diet recommendation - it will strengthen your required polarity or ph for a baby boy or baby girl.