About The Gender Selection Selnas Method

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  • How It Works

    So as to predict the polarity of the egg at any time, the scientists analysed thousands of pregnancies. You will need to ensure that you only attempt conception on the favorable days for your chosen gender. Once you decide the first month when you would like to start attempting conception, you need to complete your information. Included with your conception calendar is a diet recommendation
  • Scientific Review

    This alternation of polarity occurs on a predictable cycle for each mammal, a woman having polarity periods of between 1 to 10 days per month for each different polarity. This method is not an interference with nature's way of procreation. Genetic and environmental determination are sometimes found together within one and the same taxonomic group as in the nematodes
  • Tips

    - Give Me a Baby Boy - Give Me a Baby Girl - Using the Neutral Days - Planning Your Family - Health & Pregnancy - Ovulation Signs - Track Record - Gender Selection Issues - Other Methods - Conception Glossary - Facts Of Conception
  • F.A.Q.

    If I try to conceive on an ovulation day, does that mean I get a boy? I have been told that once you have 2 children of one kind you are likely to continue having the same gender? I understand that the lifetime of sperm is sometimes over 2 days. How does this affect the end of the polarity period on the calendar? What about the other methods, can I combine them? Is the product not too expensive ?
  • Testimonials

    "We are proud to let you know that our baby girl due was born weighing 7lbs.6ozs". "My chart said quite clearly that the only days available for conception in October were boy days. And the diagnostic CVS at 11 weeks has confirmed we are definitely having a boy!". "It seems your calendar worked! I'm now 5 1/2 months pregnant with a little girl. I purchased March- August and only tried in May and July".
  • Terms And Conditions

    An ovulation calendar provides results based on the Mother's given information which can be changed at any time by the Mother. Once the gender selection calendar is ordered a personal analysis is prepared. BabyByGender guarantees a full refund of the price paid to BabyByGender exclusively for the 12 month gender selection calendar and the 6 month gender selection calendar